Alas a fabulous idea to raise the funds we need to survive, to keep our .org alive!

We have this amazing, awesome event, but not quite sure how to get an online invite sent?


We have those cute envelopes that people can stick money in and mail.

We have a donate link on our website that’s way better than any bake sale.

Sticker when you donate, silent auctions run amuck!,

but when it comes to social media, some .org often get stuck.


Our Board of Directors is quite savvy and take extra care with every handshake.

But are you getting the word out to your entire audience for goodness sake?!


We have a page on Facebook, with nearly 700 fans~

But have you told them all about your super, cool fundraising plans?


We’re tidy on Twitter and tweet daily with inspirational quotes and jokes

But have you included images and conversed with others in an online poke?


Hashtags, RT’s, @Mentions, and Tagging

Email, Links, Comments and Likes, it all can seem like bragging.


But when you SHARE your passion, no matter the avenue,

people won’t think you’re annoying, they’ll see that you LOVE what you do.


So today, we’ve talked about some ways to get the word out.

Don’t stop those newspaper ads or shaking hands, but don’t doubt

Social Media is an amazing tool

That is guaranteed to make you look cool.


And get the word out about all of the amazing things you do

Don’t miss your chance to share it with your online community too.