email campaign mobloggySending an email to your customers/prospects may seem like the dinosaur thing to do in the world of instant gratification on Facebook and Twitter, but do not dismiss this touch point with your people.

Forty-four percent of Americans do not have a profile on a social networking site.  So while you are diligently trying to reach the other 100-44 percent (do the math…without a calculator) of people with your clever cat photos and inspirational quotes, you could be missing out on getting your message to a loyal customer who simply prefers email over social media.



Here are a few tips for your email campaign:

  • Pick a clever subject line. (nobody will open an email that directs them to buy something-unless they are bored, and really want to buy something from anyone)
  • Make sure you are using an email that has been given to you.  Put a plan in place to collect emails.  (there are spam rules and you don’t want to get blocked forever)
  • Stay consistent with the look and feel of your emails.  If it’s valuable information to your customer, they will start looking for your emails.
  • Don’t send out too many emails.  (if people feel like they are being bugged constantly, they will unsubscribe)

We use and recommend Constant Contact for email campaigns.  Templates are customizable, they help you follow spam rules, and Constant Contact helps you integrate with your social media.  We’ll create an account for you for FREE.  Just contact us so we can help you out.