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What’s In Store for 2016 Digital Marketing?

For Mobloggy, reading about the latest trends in 2016 digital marketing might be on par with seeing gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.  So much excitement, so many new ideas and apps. We think your company’s New Year’s resolution should be to get on board with these 2016 Digital Marketing Trends.

Work Email Wanes

How many emails currently in your work inbox? Soon, the answer may be none! Social media networks are rolling out that are designed for internal use by employees of companies. Slack and Facebook at Work are two platforms that you might be hearing a lot about in 2016. Soon employees may even be paid to be on social media while punching the time clock.

Employees as Social Marketers

We’re not just talking about employees being paid to update company social media profiles. We’re talking about employees being paid to post company news on their personal pages. If your staff demographics at all equate to your target audience, the potential reach is ideal. Sign us up!

Companies Dive into Social Messaging

We all know about direct email marketing, but in 2016, businesses may finally be able to break into social messaging. According to Fast Company, the top five apps in the world in terms of frequency of use are all messaging apps. That’s huge! Social messaging is already widely used for providing customer service and feedback. But businesses are just beginning to tap into and measure its true marketing potential.

Need help navigating your company’s 2016 Digital Marketing strategy? Mobloggy can help!