Checking Subscriber Count

Regardless of whether you run a YouTube channel, blog, or online media realm, it pays to know the number of endorsers you have on every stage. Not exclusively do supporter tallies show you which channels are working and which aren’t, yet you can likewise use them to construct more grounded and more productive organizations with brands.

Checking your supporter tally isn’t in every case simple, however. For each stage like YouTube that makes your after unbelievably straightforward, there’s a channel where it tends to be close to difficult to track down your endorser check.

Notice I said “close to inconceivable,” not “absolutely outlandish.”

I’m here to clarify how you can check your endorser depend on each significant channel and online media stage.

Why Is It Important to Know How Many Subscribers You Have on Different Platforms?

It’s essential to know precisely the number of supporters you have on every stage for a few reasons.

Suppose you’re a cutting-edge advertising influencer. A piece of your pay will come from brands paying you for sponsorships and supports. Precisely the amount they pay you relies on the number of supporters and adherents you have.

On the off chance that you can show 50,000 individuals buy in to your digital broadcast, 100,000 individuals read your blog every month, and practically a large portion of 1,000,000 individuals follow you on Instagram, you’ll be in an extremely solid situation to order a major payday.

Your supporter tally can likewise help you settle on choices on your approach to turning into an influencer or becoming your business’ continuing as a rule. Envision you made records on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest when you began your business and presented on every one of them similarly.

Eventually, you need to zero in your endeavors on the stage where you see the most achievement. Your supporter tally is an incredible method to rapidly isolate the great web-based media stages from the ineffectual ones. All things considered, why bother squandering energy on Pinterest, where you have about six supporters, over Twitter, where you have a few thousand?

It’s not simply online media endorsers you should consider, however. Maybe you have a blog that gets as much as 100,000 guests consistently, yet you just several hundred individuals on your email list. This demonstrates your email advertising methodology isn’t working, and you should find ways to change that.

Step by step instructions to Check Your Subscriber Count on YouTube

YouTube is one of the more straightforward membership based stages out there. Sign in to your record, click on your profile photograph, and head to your channel. You’ll see your supporter tally under your channel’s username.

You can likewise see your supporter tally by exploring to YouTube Studio. Notwithstanding the general numbers, you can discover a rundown of your 100 latest endorsers.

Guests to your channel see an abbreviated rendition of your supporter tally adjusted down to the closest 10, 100, or 1000 endorsers. YouTube Studio gives a helpful table appearance how your endorser tally will be shown to watchers.

Instructions to Check Your Subscriber Count on YouTube

YouTube additionally informs you inside YouTube Studio and by means of email when you hit certain supporter achievements.

endorser check – Youtube achievements

Instructions to Check Your Subscriber Count on Your Podcast

Digital recording achievement goes far past endorser check, yet the metric numerous podcasters need most is the number of individuals buy in to their webcast. This is regularly the hardest number to discover.

A contributor to the issue is purchasers can utilize many distinctive webcast applications to buy in to shows instead of a solitary stage like YouTube. That implies your web recording endorser tally will just at any point be a gauge.

Most podcasting stages, from the free to the expensive ones, give some approach to check your supporter tally. The strategy (and exactness) differs by stage. The stage, be that as it may, should clarify how to track down this number. It’s generally to the side of where you present your webcast on start with.

Some podcasting applications discharge endorser numbers, however. You can wind up with a smidgen more exactness along these lines, yet it takes more legwork on your part.

Several these are Podcast Addict and Castbox, however both record for around two percent of the market. Duplicating either supporter check by 50 could give you an obscure thought of the number of endorsers you have altogether, however it will not give you the full picture.

A last idea from The Podcast Host is to distribute another scene and keep away from advancing it via web-based media, email, or elsewhere. In principle, any downloads happening inside around 24 hours of your show being posted are programmed downloads from supporters; so in the event that you have 50 downloads inside a day of posting your scene, you probably have around 50 endorsers.

The most effective method to Check Your Subscriber Count on Social Media

Most online media stages make your number of supporters promptly accessible, so discovering them is just an issue of realizing where to look.

Here’s the manner by which you can discover your endorsers on the entirety of the significant online media stages.


How you check your supporter rely on Facebook will rely upon whether you have a private client account or a business page.

Private clients can permit individuals to follow them by turning on open posts and permitting individuals who aren’t their companions to follow them. This is a superb alternative for bloggers and individuals of note who would prefer not to have a private and a business Facebook account.

On the off chance that this is you, head to the “Companions” tab on your profile page and snap the “Supporters” sub-tab. This will show you a full rundown of adherents. You can see the all out figure considerably quicker by perusing the “Introduction” segment on your profile page.

Facebook Business Page proprietors should explore to their page, click on the “More” tab and afterward “Local area” in the dropdown menu. Here you can track down your complete adherent tally, what your devotees have posted on your page, and any posts where your business page was labeled.


Instagram puts your number of supporters up front. At the highest point of your profile, you can perceive the number of individuals you’re following and the number of individuals follow you. When you get more than 10,000 supporters, the number will be adjusted down to the closest 100 or 1000 adherents.

supporter check – instagram

In the event that you need to get a precise supporter tally, utilize Instagram’s Insights instrument. Explore to that segment on the application and snap on “Crowd” to see a careful supporter tally and a development examination with the earlier week.


In the event that you have less than 10,000 supporters on Twitter, you can see precisely the number of individuals follow you by taking a gander at your profile page. In the event that your devotee tally is higher than that, Twitter adjusts the closest 100 supporters.

Endorser tally – Twitter

To track down the specific endorser rely on Twitter, head to the Analytics segment and drift your mouse over the supporter number in the upper right-hand corner. A definite check will show up.


The best way to see your endorser rely on Snapchat is to have a Public Profile. Not exclusively can you see your supporter rely toward the back of the stage, however you’ll likewise have the alternative to show your devotee tally openly.


You need a Pro record to check your endorser rely on TikTok. With this sort of record set up, head to the “Settings” menu and snap on “Examination.” This shows a diagram with the number of video sees you got in the course of the most recent 28 days and the number of devotees you have.

Note: You need to stand by seven days subsequent to making a TikTok Pro record before examination information opens up.


At the point when I talk about supporters on LinkedIn, I don’t mean the quantity of associations you have. I’m discussing the quantity of adherents you have.

To perceive the number of supporters you have, sign into your record and look down to discover the “Action” area. There you can see your precise number of devotees.

supporter tally – LinkedIn


Track your Pinterest supporter rely on your Analytics dashboard. Notwithstanding your devotee tally, you can see commitment measurements, mainstream pins by your fans, reference traffic, other top influencers, and contender information.

Step by step instructions to Check Your Blog Subscriber Count

Individuals don’t buy in to web journals similarly they buy in to YouTube channels or web recordings. That makes thinking of an endorser number somewhat trickier. This is what you can do to assess your supporters.

Make an email pamphlet and perceive the number of individuals join.

Having an email pamphlet is most likely the most ideal approach to check the number of individuals “buy in” to your blog. Notwithstanding, you need to request that individuals enter their email addresses without offering them something besides your updates as a trade off, as Ahrefs does, for instance.

On the off chance that you offer them something like a markdown on an item you sell, you can’t demonstrate they really read your blog each week—they may promptly quit perusing after they get their rebate.


In the event that you as of now have an email bulletin, check your endorsers.

Checking your blog supporter consider can be basic as opening up your email advertising stage and perceiving the number of individuals you have on your email promoting list.

On the off chance that you would have or prefer not to send an email bulletin, use Google Analytics.

On the off chance that you don’t think your email list precisely portrays your supporter numbers, you can utilize a Google Analytics report to gauge the endorsers you have. Explore to the “Crowd” tab, click on the “Conduct” dropdown menu, and pick “New versus Returning.”



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