I know you want to be surprised after seeing the word clickbait, but you’ll be amazed to understand its meaning. Any content on the web whose main and exclusive motive is to draw in attention and seek to encourage visitors to click on a link to a specific webpage is understood as Clickbait. it’s a medium to entice users to read, view, and hear a linked piece of online content. it’s the sole way of the many organizations to take advantage of the curiosity gap by using clickbait headlines. It results in the content of dubious value or content. These are attention-grabbing headlines used for Web or mobile content to lure readers into clicking on normally uninteresting content. Many websites or organizations or news journals and far more use clickbait as a mechanism or profit-tool to realize popularity via higher click-through rates. it’s specified by a highly attractable headline with a hyperlink that, when clicked, depicts an internet site that has content that’s not nearly as interesting or attractive because of the headline. it’s the sole thanks to increasing the number of views to a specific website or website or link portal. For a more brief way, I’m explaining clickbait through an example below,

Let us consider any non-clickbait headline, say – “See how this celebrity lost 10 pounds last month”. an equivalent headline when written as a clickbait headline is often redesigned and written within the following way :

Celebrity weight loss secrets finally revealed!
You’ll never believe what proportion weight this celebrity lost during a month!
Shocking details of this celebrity’s latest diet!
You must have nearly understood the curiosity gap that clickbait headlines create when a user sees that link. So it’s essentially baited that website’s place for users or visitors. it’s the foremost profitable medium for social media marketing and news marketing. they only allure users by their lucrative headlines to look at uninteresting content which is additionally paid off by the client.

Why Clickbait is Used?
After making you understand what really clickbait is, I also want you to understand why it’s used or why it’s such a lot important to any organization. Here are the explanations related to this :

It is self-explanatory
Baiting And Switching is just too easy to control visitors or users
Standing and Not Really Delivering the specified output
Making Empty Promises
Baiting the Hook – it’s one of the foremost promising clickbait tools which is employed nowadays. Using this tool you’ll write clickbait headlines is just a matter of mixing half an actual idea with a generic provocation. for instanceyou’ll consider:
“Do just this one thing and you’ll never need to attend the toilet ever again . . . ”
“These completely anonymous folks that you’ve never heard of are practically unrecognizable now . . . ”
“Drinking these household cleaning fluids with soda water might be deadly. #8 will shock you . . . ”
“This guy rear-mounted a reaction-propulsion engine to his El Camino. You’ll never guess what they peeled him off of . . .
“This man filled his washer with puppies and carpet tacks. What happens next is horrific . . . ”
Redirection between Truth vs Fiction
Not Clickbait but Definitely “Clickbait-y”
Now I can assume that you simply must have understood both, the important meaning of clickbait with the rationale why it’s used such a lot nowadays that it’s become a trend to unnecessarily using clickbait anywhere to only allure visitors to an uninteresting article or link or website just by attractive headlines. We can say clickbait headlines are the changing face for online journalism or publishers or social media or digital marketing.

Not only these publishers are using 5 tactics of clickbait psychology in an ethical thanks to luring visitors which are:

Use Clickbait-Style Content Humorously
Use Clickbait Features carefully
Make Sure you’ve got Variety in Your Content
Use Clickbait Tactics to Link to Other Relevant Articles on Your Site
BuzzFeed Headline Tricks to Steal
Pros and Cons

It is nearly alright said that clickbait tactics do more harm than good, so it’s vital for us to debate both the pros and cons of clickbait. Coming to the pros or benefits of clickbait which are :

More Pageviews
Higher Potential for Social Shares
Increased Brand Awareness

Whereas the cons or dark side of clickbait are :

Misleading Clickbait Damages Brands and Erodes Trust
Pageviews Aren’t Even That Important – under this involves factors which are :
Total Attention on Site
Total Attention per Piece
Sensationalism Is Getting Old
Content marketing is all about generating traffic. If you can’t attract or lure visitors to your site, your chances of online success are virtually non-existent. But using clickbait is additionally very dangerous or bad to us, it’s so because :

Web page bounce rate increases which decrease your website rating
It is often a call for participation in fake news so people won’t see that
A new algorithm update can mismanage everything.
Updation of website or web portal decreases.
Analyze Clickbait

Here are the 7 thanks to analyzing clickbait:

Was the title a list?
Was there a mention of “You” or “I” or a private story aspect to the title?
Was there an animal mention?
Did the subject receive recent media attention, or was it a news piece?
Was there a pop-culture or food culture reference?
Was there an unknown or new concept mentioned within the title?
Was there a component of shock or excitement?
So, at last, I might wish to say that we must be very active to research whether clicking a clickbait article will benefit us or it’ll be a degradable aspect for us in present also as in future. The last line I might wish to add is going to be that we should always be ready to plan to differentiate between an honest or a bad clickbait headline.

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