Creating Real Estate Video Ads


Did you already know that seventy three percentage of dealers pick operating with groups that use actual property video advertising? Whether it’s a walkthrough of the belongings or a Q&A session, dealers count on their retailers to apply video advertising to attain the proper customers and promote their properties.

For actual property retailers, this call for affords some challenges. How do you are making an interesting actual property video to affect each dealers and customers alike, and the way do you song a video’s overall performance to your advertising purposes?

Luckily it isn’t always as tough as it’d seem. Although actual property motion pictures serve a completely unique purpose, they’re much like normal advertising motion pictures in lots of ways, so don’t be intimidated through them.

Let’s take a better have a take a observe why actual property motion pictures are really well worth the attempt and the way you suit them into your overall video advertising strategy.

Why Should You Create Real Estate Video Ads?

Real property motion pictures do matters: they entice customers on your list, and that they inspire potential dealers to pick your agency over your competitors.

Are they really well worth the attempt, though, whilst you can create social media advertisements or optimize your listings? Maybe with the contemporary marketplace, you suppose it will likely be a waste of resources. Let’s have a take a observe what the numbers say.

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  • forty six percentage of customers suppose video excursions are the maximum influential content material on an agency’s website.
  • Listings with embedded motion pictures are fifty three instances extra probably to rank pretty on Google than listings with out embedded video.
  • Real property motion pictures entice as much as 403 percentage extra site visitors than different content material.
  • You’ll earn round 60 percentage extra certified leads via actual property motion pictures.
  • A worrying character is one of the pinnacle motives dealers pick a specific agent or agency, and that’s less difficult to percentage in a video than, say, a photo or article.

What’s extra, eighty four percentage of video marketers experience they’ve generated extra leads way to video advertising, and ninety four percentage of us use motion pictures to study extra approximately the goods we’re buying.

The takeaway? To draw site visitors on your listings and provoke your dealers, attempt out actual property video advertising.

Before we dig into techniques, let’s cowl the basics.

What Equipment Do You Need to Create Real Estate Video Ads?

There’s no want to lay our a fortune on pinnacle-of-the-variety lights, props, or cameras. However, you’ll nonetheless want a few recording system earlier than you shoot your first actual property video. How a whole lot you spend relies upon in your advertising finances, however let’s wreck down the basics.

First, you’ll want a digital digicam able to capturing in 4K or HD to make positive the motion pictures are excessive nice and now no longer blurry or pixelated. A cellphone works, too.

If you choose a digital digicam, make certain it’s able to taking pictures each excellent video and images. Practice capturing with the digital digicam earlier than filming day to make sure you get the maximum from the system.

Using a cellphone? Clip on a wide-perspective digital digicam lens. This lets in you to shoot large scenes at the same time as minimizing glare and enhancing image nice. Here’s what the lens seems like:

Lenses like this one proven above are cost-powerful and extensively available, so keep round.

Want to head all-out? You can constantly purchase a drone for 360 aerial footage. However, you’ll possibly want a allow to fly a drone in maximum areas, so hold that during mind.

Next, you’ll want lights filters. Use a impartial density filter for capturing outside, and get a pocket-sized LED mild you could attach to the digital digicam (or cellphone) for filming in poorly-lit areas.

Got the lights sorted? Now you’ll want a microphone. You can both purchase a mic attachment to your cellphone, or a transportable mic for attaching to any digital digicam device.

You’ll additionally want enhancing software program. Check out equipment like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X for expert enhancing support. You’ll probably pay for a subscription, however they’re clean sufficient to master, and you’ll produce the sharpest, maximum expert motion pictures this manner. Alternatively, you can outsource enhancing to a freelancer.

Finally, you’ll possibly want a stabilizer like a selfie stick or a gimbal. These equipment hold your digital digicam constant and limit shaking at the same time as you stroll round a belongings.

10 Tips for Successful Real Estate Video Ads

A actual property video is all approximately placing a top notch first impression. You need to carry the belongings to existence, connect to capacity customers, and in the end set your self aside from different realtors together along with your expert advertising abilities.

To assist make sure your content material achieves those goals, right here are ten suggestions to provide the highest-nice actual property video advertisements.

1. Know Your Real Estate Video Ad Budget

Be clean approximately what you could find the money for to spend on video advertising. Unsure a way to allocate your finances? Let me provide you with some pointers.

First, don’t forget your goal audience. It’s really well worth looking actual property motion pictures to your list’s rate variety to look how your efforts examine to your competitors’ video advertisements.

Next, consider how a whole lot you’ll spend on truely selling your motion pictures. From social media advertisements to targeted e-mail advertising, the fees can in the end upload up. To hold matters extra cost-powerful, repurpose your actual property motion pictures into virtual advertisements so that you can double your content material output with out spending extra.

Also, make an effort to investigate paid advert techniques, or lease a virtual advertising consultant to attend to the finances, targeting, and testing.

2. Plan Your Angle in Advance

A top notch actual property video doesn’t simply happen. It takes planning. Remember, you’re attempting to inform a tale, so that you want to spend time considering what tale you need to inform.

For example, decide what system you’ll want, whether or not you’ll lease actors to play any roles, and what time of day or night time you intend on filming. Do you need to promote your personal actual property abilities or assist a customer fall in love with an uncommon belongings?

Depending at the seller, you may additionally want their approval earlier than you begin filming or sending the video out to prospects, so issue in time for adjusting your perspective and making modifications as required.

3. Keep Your Real Estate Video Ad Short and Sweet

The period of your actual property video relies upon on wherein you’re advertising it. For example, in accordance to HubSpot, famous Twitter motion pictures common round forty three seconds, at the same time as famous YouTube motion pictures run a touch longer at minutes.

A actual property video may be as lengthy as six minutes, however it’s now no longer constantly sensible to fill this time. Why? People have short interest spans. Don’t threat dropping a capacity customer’s interest simply due to the fact you’ve introduced 30 or forty seconds of filler on your video.

For example, right here’s a video for a belongings indexed through Douglas Elliman. It’s simply over ninety seconds lengthy, however it’s visually attractive and covers each perspective a capacity customer wishes to look with out greater fluff:

4. Script the Video

Great actual property motion pictures normally comply with a three-act tale shape, in accordance to investigate through Vimeo.

  • Act one: Give a clean, frontal view of the belongings and some clips of the community.
  • Act : This element specializes in showcasing every room. Start with the principle function rooms earlier than transferring directly to the smaller rooms.
  • Act three: End the video advert with an outdoors view of the belongings. If you’re the use of drone footage, area it right here.

Remember, you’re telling a tale, so following a conventional tale shape works!

5. Provide an Engaging House Tour

If you need to make sure a prospect watches your video the entire manner via, hold it attractive. Be enthusiastic. Show humans why you’re enthusiastic about the belongings, and encourage capacity customers to check themselves dwelling withinside the belongings.

Focus at the possibilities. What ought to make this belongings truly unique for the proper customer? How may the belongings be bendy over time? For example, a first-ground bed room may be an workplace now and a bed room for an growing old discern or associate later. A basement may be a game room, an in-regulation suite, or an at-domestic gym. Drive domestic how the belongings can meet their wishes over time.

6. Focus on Special or Unique Features

No remember the rate variety, each belongings boasts a unique, precise, or as a minimum fascinating function.

Maybe there’s cool records connected to the building, or there’s a custom marble countertop withinside the kitchen. Or, perhaps it’s simply the first residence to return back to marketplace withinside the region for an extended time.

To discover precise functions, ask the customer what modifications they’ve made for the reason that they sold the residence, and if it’s an older belongings, discover if they saved any key functions like unique timber flooring.

Special functions may be something from twin sinks to fully-landscaped gardens, so search for the ones little quirks that make the belongings precise in comparison to comparable properties.

For example, this belongings in Montecito has a wine rack:

Plus, it boasts a warm tub:

Capturing those functions withinside the video highlights the precise components of this domestic.

7. Show Off the Neighborhood

It’s top notch to reveal off a belongings, however what’s happening round it? Include some clips of the encircling region, even in case you simply zoom out to seize the condominium block and multiple close by amenities. Make positive to consist of any well-known landmarks, amusing events, schools, and even sidewalks.

Is the community a touch rundown or probably off-putting? An aerial view may paintings quality, so that you don’t attention an excessive amount of at the finer details.

8. Sell the Lifestyle

When you’re seeking out a belongings, it’s now no longer pretty much the unit. It’s approximately the existence the customer will lead after they stay there. For example, in case you’re close to the seashore or a park, communicate up the family-friendly vibes. Are you near the excitement of shops, restaurants, and cafes? Highlight the walkable, cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Use the belongings to promote the lifestyle, too. For example, going back to the Montecito belongings, the landscaping offers off significantly chilled, secluded vibes:

9. Interview Neighbors

People make neighborhoods. After all, who higher to inform you what a community is genuinely like than the citizens? Try to get a testimonial or to feature a few authenticity and character on your actual property motion pictures.

Unless it’s a brand new community, attempt to discover citizens who’ve lived there some years. Otherwise, capacity customers may surprise why humans don’t live there very lengthy!

10. Use Interactive Elements

From CTA buttons to clickable hyperlinks, interactive factors assist carry your motion pictures to existence. Use your enhancing software program to feature a CTA inviting humans to ee-e book a displaying, or consist of a hyperlink to a web page wherein customers can study extra approximately the list and the offerings you offer.

Remember, actual property motion pictures are a advertising tool. Use them efficaciously and deal with them as you would, say, a YouTube video or virtual advert.

Measuring the Success of Your Real Estate Video Ads

You’ve filmed your actual property video and released a few advertisements. How do you already know if it’s operating for you? The answer’s to your metrics. Here are 5 key metrics to song if you’re looking to degree your fulfillment rate.

  • View matter: Your view matter tells you, well, what number of humans watched your video!
  • Engagement: Video engagement degrees inform whether or not humans watch your video all of the manner via or prevent looking.
  • Click-via rate: Want to recognise if humans engage together along with your video and click on the ones hyperlinks and buttons? Check the click-via rate.
  • Conversions: Your conversions inform you if humans are taking the preferred actions, together with reserving a displaying or signing up for a newsletter.
  • Social media shares: Are humans sharing your motion pictures across social media? It’s an awesome signal in the event that they are, so song your social media shares.

To get this data, both combine your motion pictures together along with your usual advertising platform to song metrics, or use a committed video analytics platform like Vidyard.


Video advertisements carry an entire new size to actual property advertising. With the proper enhancing equipment, a pointy eye for detail, and a few enthusiasm, you could carry your house to existence or display feasible clients why you’re the quality choice.

There’s one very last factor to remember. You can shoot a clean, attractive, and expert actual property video with little extra than a cellphone.

Don’t experience such as you want to splurge to create a hit video advertisements until it’s inside your finances to do so!

Need any extra assist with advertising? Check out my consulting offerings.

Have you made a actual property video advert for a list yet? How did it go? 

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