Search Engine Optimization is more than having the right keywords.

Optimizing your businesses search engine results is key to engaging prospective clients. Google conducted a study to understand the value customers gain from business listing features as they appear in search engine results. Google found that 97% of those who used maps sites/apps to gather business information says that their search helped them decide which business to visit. Survey results also illustrated that business listings accompanied by photos and virtual tours are twice as likely to increase consumer interest. The development of 360-degree imaging has taken business space, online presence, and customer expectations to the next level. Google developed Google Street View, a technology integrated with Google Maps to display panoramic views of streets and businesses. 360-degree images mapped onto Google Street View allows consumers to visualize themselves inside and outside of your business space from the comfort of a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Businesses such as shops, galleries, restaurants, hotels, and all types of premises can pay a photographer to capture the interior and exterior of their space. Adjacent lenses on a camera capture multiple images that are then stitched together to create a seamless 360-degree image that virtually transports consumers to your space. Getting your business photographed and mapped onto Google Street View will boost your search engine results and ultimately attract and retain new clientele.

With Google Street View your business will:

Engage interest:
A Business worth reading more information about
A product that has what consumers are looking for
Something that looks and suits consumers interests

Establish trust:
A business that is viewed as well established
A business that is seen as staying current
A business that offers the latest products and services

Create positive brand equity:
a company that values its customers
customers can rely on
that offers quality products and services

Motivate action:
customers would visit in person
customers would consider purchasing from

Google Street View Trusted Photographer

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