In a world of “short attention spans,” video snippets are a hot trend in social media.  Here are a couple we use to get our client messages across in a fun, creative way.  They both create links that can be shared across multiple platforms, including your website and blog.  You’ll need a mobile device to install and use these applications.
Vine – 6 second video clip
  • pros:  videos loop, can embed, video plays on Twitter feed (owned by Twitter, so that makes sense), hashtag searchable
  • cons:  can’t share directly to FB Business Page, can download to YouTube – but you lose looping feature, can only share on Facebook (personal page) and Twitter
Instagram – 15 second video clip
  • pros:  large sharing community, can apply filters, don’t have to use full 15 seconds, can share across multiple platforms including Tumblr and Foursquare check-in, hashtag searchable
  • cons:  we’re not seeing as much creativity here, no looping, clunky with ipad
Reminder:  We can help develop and implement your social media strategies.