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social-media-recap-show-mobloggyHosts: Jodi Jahrling – Special Guest: Barb David

Music Intro from, Recap vocal by Rebecca Ruck, Voice-Over by Jodi Jahrling

Social Media Platform Updates: 

Facebook – Gifts, Messenger, Save, subtle Design changes

Twitter – Increase in engagement since design changes by over 60%

Pinterest – Buys Icebergs – a Spanish startup, specializing in helping creative people collaborate on projects. 

LinkedIn – Launches Sales Navigator

App Updates:

Yelp: you can now add video
Instagram, Twitter: minor bug fixes and improvements
LinkedIn: design changes
Facebook Pages: star ratings and reviews added

Question of the Week:

Should brands abandon Facebook?

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Video. video. video! Notice that your Facebook feed has been heavy with animated clips? That’s no surprise as video is a great way to get noticed and measure clicks. It’s also great content to share on all of your social platforms, including your website and newsletters. Here are some tips for making your video great!

  1. Keep it short and simple – the shorter the better, aim for 10 seconds.
  2. Make it eye-catching – wear or use bright colors.
  3. Orientation matters – using a smart phone? turn it to the horizontal position for maximum viewing.
  4. Near or Far? – we vote near. you want to make sure your mobile users have a clear view.
Need some inspiration for short videos. Download the Vine App to your smart phone. Many clever people have come up with ways to “wow” you in 6 seconds or less.

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