The Hidden Tool Online Consumers Use to Find Inventory Sales


Have you at any point needed a quick method to get the best arrangements in retail locations like Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and the sky is the limit from there?

Regardless of whether you’re simply hoping to set aside some cash or you’re into retail exchange, the capacity to effortlessly check item stock from the solace of your house is something numerous individuals just envisioned about.

Until BrickSeek went along, that is.

What is BrickSeek, and how might it assist you with getting the best arrangements on the absolute most well known items?

What Is BrickSeek?

BrickSeek is an application that permits clients to look for deals and closeouts in retail shops in their space.

BrickSeek for purchasers – logo

Dispatched in 2014, BrickSeek began as a site to help Lego devotees find hard-to-track down pieces—on and disconnected. The site immediately developed into a gigantic stage that incorporates stock data on pretty much every item supplied by retailers.

You can decide to utilize the electronic variant or the portable application as BrickSeek upholds Android and iOS.

While BrickSeek doesn’t uphold all retail marks right now, they do approach stock for retailers like:




Home Depot



Office Depot


BrickSeek utilizes item recognizable proof numbers like stock-keeping units (SKUs) and one of a kind item codes (UPCs) to do something amazing. With these, the product can track down the best rebate costs on explicit items you need—for on the web and disconnected stores.

Other than showing you the best arrangements in your space, BrickSeek likewise shows the accessibility of all items loaded by most significant retailers.

While you can utilize BrickSeek to peruse store inventories, different highlights require you make a part account. Evaluating begins at $9.99/month.

For what reason Should Consumers Use BrickSeek?

Since you understand what BrickSeek is, you’re likely asking why you ought to try and think about utilizing the stage—particularly the paid administrations.

There are two primary reasons why you should utilize BrickSeek:

1. Saves Time (and Energy)

Burnt out on going from one store to another searching for the best arrangement on items?

BrickSeek will deal with that for you with its stock checker. With only a couple snaps of a catch, you can discover which stores offer the best arrangements. You can likewise realize if they have the item in stock.

2. Sets aside Cash

BrickSeek assists you with setting aside cash by showing you the best arrangements on items. You additionally set aside cash that you would have in any case used to drive starting with one store then onto the next.

Regardless of whether you’re a customer or dealer, these two reasons are sufficiently able to make BrickSeek some portion of your tool stash.

How Does BrickSeek Work?

Fortunately, while it might appear to be an overwhelming undertaking to go through all the stock of your #1 large box store, with BrickSeek, it isn’t. That is on the grounds that BrickSeek has an incredible stock checker that dives into the stock of the stores it upholds.

From a client’s perspective, you have two choices with regards to utilizing Brickseek to discover bargains:

1. Explicit Search

To look for a particular item, you will require more data on the item than simply its name. For best outcomes, you’ll need metadata like the SKU, UPC, or model number of the item you’re searching for.

BrickSeek for shoppers – utilizing brickseek for explicit inquiry

BrickSeek likewise permits you to sift through items by postal district, so you get the arrangements nearest to you.

Whenever you’ve entered the item data, click on the “Check Inventory” button. BrickSeek will then, at that point give you data on:

Neighborhood stores that have the item in stock.

Accessible costs and best arrangements on items.

Number of items in stock at each store.

Do note there might be some minor inconsistencies in uncommon instances of errors or worker slack after stock has been refreshed.

2. Perusing for Products

Another method of utilizing Brickseek is by just perusing moving arrangements.

How Does BrickSeek for shoppers Work – Browsing for Products

This capacity is especially helpful in case you’re an independent company that arrangements in retail exchange. You can utilize it to discover items that are in the leeway area. BrickSeek permits you to look by moving arrangements (on the web and available) and by classes to make the inquiry simpler.

What Effect Do Tools Like BrickSeek Have on E-Commerce?

The universe of internet business is quickly developing, all gratitude to mechanical advances in the business. There possesses never been a superior energy for business visionaries to begin a web based business store as the arrangement has gotten simple and reasonable.

Notwithstanding, one of the principle challenges growing online business storekeepers face is tracking down the right items to sell, at the right cost.

That is the place where devices like BrickSeek come in.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for stuff to sell on stages like eBay, Amazon, or some other stage you use for internet business, devices like BrickSeek smooth out the way toward discovering what to sell. You can undoubtedly contrast costs without having with leave the solace of your sofa. Subsequently, you accelerate the interaction and get the best arrangements. These are generally benefits you can give to your clients, giving you an upper hand.

Nonetheless, apparatuses like BrickSeek are a blade that cuts both ways. While they help internet business storekeepers find and sell more items, they additionally help sagacious customers cut out the mediator. A basic visit to the BrickSeek site is everything necessary for shoppers searching for an extraordinary arrangement coming up or on the web.

BrickSeek Features

BrickSeek began as a straightforward stage for discovering Lego pieces. In any case, the stage has advanced into a useful asset you can use to look through enormous item inventories to discover explicit items, the best arrangements, and the nearby stores that stock them. To assist you with doing that, BrickSeek has a few clever highlights. Here are probably the most conspicuous ones:

Stock Checker

The stock checker is by a wide margin the most utilized element on the BrickSeek site.

brickseek for shoppers: stock checker include

As noted before, this permits you to peruse the stock of the retail locations highlighted on the stage.

Late Stock Changes

BrickSeek’s new stock update highlight shows stock updates like accessibility and cost. A critical benefit of this element is it assists you with looking at costs in changed stores and areas. In case you’re a buyer, this empowers you to get the best arrangements. On the off chance that you use BrickSeek for business purposes, it assists you with concluding how to value the things you purchase for resale.

Markdowns by Store

As the name recommends, this individuals just component shows you things that have been discounted in stores close to you. The quantity of things showed is reliant upon your enrollment level.

Brickseek for shoppers: markdown include

At the point when you access each store’s markdown bargains page on BrickSeek, you’ll get data on every item that has been discounted. Aside from the item name and portrayal, this data incorporates:

past and freshest identified costs

date and timestamp of the new recognition

the producer’s recommended retail value (MSRP)

a stock status marker

This data is fundamental in assisting you with knowing whether the item that has been discounted merits putting resources into.

Online Stock Alert

Is the item you’re searching for unavailable?

This is the place where the online stock alarm highlight proves to be useful.

The online stock alarm include is held for clients who have made a record with BrickSeek. This helpful component sends warnings when unavailable or difficult to come by things are accessible in a store close to you. At the point when an item you’re searching for is unavailable, BrickSeek will inquire as to whether you need to be alarmed when the item is available.

For those in the retail exchange business, the online stock alarm include is an enormous life hack as you will not need to chase for an item truly. It additionally gives you a benefit over your rivals as you get told first when famous and popular items show up in stock.

With highlights like these, BrickSeek is certainly an apparatus you should remember for your device stack as a web based business storekeeper, particularly if retail exchange is your essential plan of action.

Three Alternatives to BrickSeek You Must Know

As superb an apparatus as BrickSeek might be, it’s consistently a smart thought to search for certain other options. That is the reason I need to make that search simpler for you by featuring probably the most famous BrickSeek options.

We should get to them, will we?


Dealspotr is quite possibly the most famous BrickSeek choices and has been around since 2015. Dealspotr is a stage that discovers coupon codes, markdown deals, and advancements run by web based business stores recorded in their store registry.

brickseek for customers – Alternatives to BrickSeek You Must Know – Dealspotr

Other than their product that scours for bargains, Dealspotr additionally has an enormous local area of clients who alter and check the arrangements posted on the stage. This guarantees all coupons and arrangements are current and real. Another explanation Dealspotr is so famous with clients is that it rewards them for posting real arrangements.


Another incredible BrickSeek elective is Slickdeals.

Options in contrast to BrickSeek for buyers – Slickdeals

Slickdeals is promoted as the most confided in bargains stage on the web as genuine individuals source all arrangements. The people group of arrangement searchers that power the stage is fixated on revealing the best arrangements and investment funds openings on the web.

What separates Slickdeals from different stages is the dynamic local area intended to cause you to feel like piece of a clan of similar individuals. Everybody on the stage can share, affirm, and remark on arrangements to ensure everybody benefits. You can likewise join to get notices of arrangements in your #1 classes.


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