10 Powerful Ways To Create Social Media Content

If you are using a blog you will undoubtedly run into the challenge of deciding what to write about. How do you consistently push out relevant, interesting, and engaging content that prompts readers to interact, share, and most importantly buy? customer service statistics can help you work this out. It can seem like a daunting task, but we are here to help get some ideas without sacrificing quality. It is really imperative that you answer your customers’ questions. One way to find out what questions your readers/customers what answered most is to create a poll. This will not only give you insight into your customers needs and thoughts, but it will also provide you with a jumping-off point for future content. Customers are integral to all businesses, but it can be a challenge to connect with them especially when you are a solopreneur. This is why checking out the crm options explained at solopreneur institute would be very useful. But, polling can take time to get good results and if you are just starting and don’t have an audience to poll here are some ideas I came up with to help you get started. I would love to hear which ones you have found most successful and let me know which ones I’ve missed?

Top 10 Ways to Create Content Your Customers Want

  1. Live-blog any events you can attend or ask your team to live-blog any events that cover your industry topics. This is one of my favorites. I regularly watch blogs live blogging big events I’m interested in. It adds a lot excitement and its helps you readers not only keep on the cutting edge of your niche, but also build a relationship with you. It’s like they are there beside you talking with you about the event. It’s a great experience for the reader and provides for some really great content.live-blogging-tools
  2. Get a transcript of any press releases or executive speeches related to your niche and turn them into a blog post. This will help you keep up to date yourself as well as keep your blog and your readers up to date on any changes or new finds in you niche.
  3. Find the most shared infographics in your niche. Infographics are are graphic visual representations of information intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Everyone learns differently and by utilizing graphics you can increase the level of interaction and reader retention.infographic ex
  4. Interview your employees/collegues and ask them to answer simple questions such as who they are, what they do and how it serves your customers. This can even be done by e-mail or by creating a survey on a free site like Survey Monkey. This information can be used to create a series of blog posts helping your customers get to know your company and its people better. Getting on the same level and building rapport with your customers is one of the most important things you can do. Let your customers/readers know that there are actually humans behind the desk.
  5. Define the biggest questions your customers face and answer them. Remember the polls? You can also use comments from previous posts. There are bound to be countless questions and concerns in the conversations your readers have with each other in your posts. Answering these questions and concerns will not only provide you with content, but it will help build a relationship with your readers and you will gain respect and credibility as you are seen as a person/company that cares about its customers.

Next week we will share 5 more great tips on how to create awesome content that will keep your readers engaged and your customers buying.

Do you use any other tactics in creating new content? Leave a comment and let us know! Here’s part 2 of 2!

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