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I enthusiastically suggest WP Engine. It’s an extraordinary web have that is ideal for WordPress clients.

Tracking down the best web facilitating supplier can be befuddling—yet in the event that you’re an accomplished WordPress client WP Engine should be on your waitlist of web facilitating alternatives to consider.

Indeed, WP Engine positions high on my rundown of the best web facilitating for WordPress. This is the facilitating supplier that we use here at Quick Sprout, and we love it.

WP Engine

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Ordinarily $30/MONTH





On the off chance that you like unwavering quality, extraordinary assistance, and an ideal encounter for WordPress, this is the best approach.

I’ve surveyed the entirety of the diverse WP Engine plan choices. I’ll likewise clarify why WP Engine stands apart as a top web host, and cover any expected downsides too.

The Benefits of Using WP Engine Web Hosting

The following are for the most part the potential gains to utilizing WP Engine as your web have. There are some more, however these are likely the most compelling motivations you ought to pick it.

Hazard free preliminary

WP Engine is expensive when contrasted with contenders. In any case, that cost is definitely justified for their astounding help.

In any case, we get it: You need to set aside however much money as could be expected.

To get the most ideal rate, you need to focus on a yearly agreement. Some of you may be reluctant to submit for such a long time at a high rate.

Luckily, WP Engine has a 60-day hazard free period for their facilitating plans. In case you’re not content with the assistance, you can quit and get discounted.

60 days is twofold the standard assurance for most facilitating suppliers in the business.

Moreover, the way that WP Engine offers this is a demonstration of how they feel about their administrations. They wouldn’t offer it in the event that they didn’t think you’d be fulfilled. That is reason enough to check them out.

In the event that you like dependable WordPress facilitating with a huge load of extraordinary devices and highlights, you will be happy to stay close by after the preliminary.

Straightforward evaluating

I love the way that WP Engine’s evaluating is clear and straightforward. That can’t be said for most of web facilitating suppliers in the business.

It’s pretty entirely expected for facilitating suppliers to promote extremely low rates however just apply them to 36 or four year gets that are paid ahead of time in-full. Then, at that point when those agreements lapse, the recharging rates will twofold, triple, or even fourfold.

WP Engine doesn’t do that.

Your value stays as before even after your agreement is done. You can get two months free on the off chance that you prepay for a year, yet they’ll never constrain you to submit longer than that.

Remarkable assistance

As an oversaw WordPress facilitating supplier, WP Engine truly stands apart among the opposition as far as its administration. This more than legitimizes the expense in my eyes.

You will not need to do anything beside running your site. The group over at WP Engine will keep up everything at the worker level, including the security.

WP Engine has many representatives in their help group just as in their effort and improvement group. Different suppliers with under 30 representatives can’t coordinate with that degree of specialized help.

You’ll never need to stress over refreshes, security, your tech stack, or worker advancements. The entirety of this is taken care of for you.

The day in and day out live talk with each arrangement is an immense reward too. day in and day out telephone support additionally comes free with each arrangement aside from the Startup alternative.

As a WP Engine client, I’ve been intrigued with the fast and educated reactions at whatever point I’ve contacted the help group.

Solid execution

A web have is just comparable to the exhibition of your site. This is certainly not a region where WP Engine misses the mark.

Each arrangement has a sizable amount of assets to oblige the suitable site sizes and volumes of traffic. This means high uptime rates and bursting quick stacking speed.

Since their facilitating arrangements are worked for WordPress, everything is enhanced for top execution. Other facilitating suppliers with cutout facilitating for any CMS can’t convey also around here.


The world’s most mainstream CMS accompanies its own arrangement of issues. Indeed, starting at 2019, 90% of all hacked locales run on WordPress. That number is up from 83% in 2018.

However, WP Engine goes the extra mile to ensure your site at each level. They block in excess of 150 million assaults each day.

One reason why WordPress destinations get hacked is on the grounds that their product isn’t state-of-the-art. You will not need to stress over keeping up these updates physically. WP Engine will deal with it for you to guarantee that old programming isn’t making your site an objective to malware.

Designer agreeable

WP Engine is perhaps the most designer amicable has out there. That is the thing that makes them so mainstream with individuals with somewhat more specialized information.

They give simple and computerized on-click arrangements for quicker sending. You’ll likewise profit with an incorporated DevKit for the WordPress structure.

This means smoother dispatches and liquid upkeep.

SSH entryway access

Beginning Framework

Dynamic substance hinders that are reusable

35+ premium subjects for WordPress

Outsider instruments for assembles and investigating

Push and pull arrangements

What’s more, these are only a modest bunch of the engineer explicit advantages given by WP Engine.

Different Considerations

WP Engine isn’t awesome. So before you pursue one of the facilitating plans that we’ve examined above, there are a couple of downsides and different contemplations that you should remember.

Not for amateurs

I don’t prescribe WP Engine in case you’re new to web facilitating or WordPress.

There’s two explanations behind this current: It’s expensive and it’s unpredictable.

At the cost, you can improve another supplier. However, WP Engine certainly isn’t attempting to speak to everybody with their valuing structure.

This web have is made for aces and experienced website admins. The designer cordial apparatuses and advantages are great in the event that you understand what you’re doing and how to utilize them.

Organizations that are set up and running on WordPress as of now ought to consider changing to WP Engine in the event that they aren’t happy with their current facilitating plans.

High passage level evaluating

As I’ve referenced a couple of times as of now all through this audit, WP Engine has exorbitant costs contrasted with the opposition.

Beginning at $30 each month, the section level plans are multiple times higher than a portion of the option facilitating alternatives out there. So if this is out of your value range, you can look at my aide on the best modest web facilitating to discover another supplier.

All things considered, it merits referencing again that WP Engine doesn’t spike their rates when your agreement reestablishes. In case you’re looking at passage level plans, the rate may not appear to be fundamentally higher when you factor in the recharging costs and covered up expenses charged by different hosts.

Nonetheless, when you get past the Starter plan, the value focuses aren’t even in a similar ballpark as other shared web facilitating alternatives. WP Engine is costly.

WordPress explicit

This ought to be really clear, yet I needed to make reference to it to guarantee there wasn’t any disarray.

In case you’re not utilizing WordPress, you can’t think about utilizing WP Engine as a facilitating supplier. This estranges any individual who is utilizing another CMS to run their site.

Overage charges

Overage Fees

I momentarily referenced this before, however I need to discuss it in more prominent detail. The WP Engine plans have traffic limits.

Typically, a web facilitating supplier will disclose to you generally how much traffic your arrangement can oblige. On the off chance that you go over that number, it will affect the presentation of your site.

In any case, WP Engine has an alternate methodology. Maybe than choking down your site assets to hurt your exhibition, they basically charge you extra for surpassing your cutoff points. Contingent upon your arrangement, you’ll pay an extra $1 to $2 per each 1,000 month to month site visits over your breaking point.

This can be expensive, thinking about the uncommon leaps of traffic limits between plans.

For instance, suppose you’re on the Growth plan, paying $115 each month for up to 100,000 month to month visits. As your business develops, you may begin getting 200,000 visits each month, which would cost you an extra $200 each month. By then, it would be more savvy to overhaul your arrangement, despite the fact that you actually aren’t approaching as far as possible on the following level.

The design of these overage expenses could constrain you to move up to a higher arrangement from the start to keep away from these additional charges.

Analyze WP Engine Web Hosting Plans

WP Engine facilitating plans

WP Engine offers four facilitating plans:





All plans accompany in excess of 35 StudioPress topics, all day, every day visit support, free site moves, a SSL endorsement, and a worldwide CDN.

Underneath you’ll track down a top to bottom audit of each arrangement that incorporates the value, highlights, and advantages.


Have a little blog or site? Expecting under 25,000 guests each month? Go with the Startup facilitating plan. It accompanies the entirety of the essential facilitating highlights that you should have to oblige you.

The Startup rate is $30 each month. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you prepay and pursue a yearly agreement, you’ll get two months free of charge.

Your site will have 10 GB of nearby stockpiling and 50 GB of transmission capacity each month. This is very acceptable on the off chance that you contrast it with other passage level facilitating plans available.

It’s a fundamental arrangement with direct evaluating, however WP Engine gives you the choice to add-on some additional highlights during the checkout interaction.

While they may sound engaging, you can skirt these. I truly can’t legitimize the extra expenses for a section level arrangement. A little close to home blog with under 25,000 guests will not require these additional items to run as expected.

In case you will jump on anything, the upgraded site security would be my solitary proposal.