blogging tips 2013Continuing in 2013 blogging is the key to achieving fresh content for your website. Recognizing this importance we’ve found the top blogging tips to start off 2013!

Essentials for blogging success

Whether you are new to blogging or you have been blogging for years, you will find insight in this article. From advice regarding web hosting servers such as Certa Hosting to comments! social Media Examiners list of 26 essentials for blogging is a great guide to save! —->Read More

Essential Checklist for Blogs

This is a great checklist to help guide you in writing the perfect blog! How many times do we forget to add tags or use a video in place of text? This is a checklist bloggers should utilize! For an example of a great blog have a look at TheDadsnet, it’s written by a community of dads and has some really interesting articles as well as some funny posts too, it’s a really good example of what makes a popular blog. —->Read More

Blogging Challenges

While the benefits of business blogging are real, there are a few hurdles to jump over. What do I write about? Where do I find the time to do it? Who is going to write these posts — they aren’t going to write themselves! What web hosting site should I use? Luckily there are reviews such as a cirrus hosting review out there for you to check out.
—->Read more

Emotional Triggers in Blogging

This is from August 2012 but still has important tips for blogging in 2013! Just because you came up with a good compelling headline, a highly clickable title, a good strong emotional call to action description, doesn’t mean you are all good to go and you will be out of your Panda and Penguin problems. Getting someone’s attention is just one piece of the puzzle, there are many other things that makes a blog post successful and this is just one piece of the pie. —-> Read more