Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn?

Setting up your profile the right way, staying consistent and growing your contacts will help boost your business. LinkedIn tools and brand building work well together. You can help build your brand with LinkedIn tools.

First, a little more about this social platform. LinkedIn has over 450 million members and is growing every second of every day. It is similar to Facebook but more professional. LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful tool once hidden features are uncovered. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach more people and build your brand. This platform offers many free tools and can help grow awareness whether it is a small investment or you are going all out for best-in-class branding. LinkedIn ranks as the third most popular social network, behind Facebook and Twitter. It is mainly centered around careers and allows users to connect and share content with other professionals, colleagues, business partners, new employees and potential employers.

Here is more on specific LinkedIn tools for businesses, how they can help your social reach and how to boost your business.

Completing your profile and updating it often are both important keys to success on LinkedIn. Lead business descriptions with keywords that represent your brand for best optimization results. Add keywords to various sections of your profile including your summary. Additionally, when filling out your profile headline, do not take a “just the basics” approach. Consider the profile headline your own personal ad. List more than the company’s name and job titles. More on gaining recognition on social media
Boost Your Business with LinkedIn by Mobloggy

Also, adding images to your Company Page that stand out and represent your brand are important. Did you know that you can add a background photo to your profile? So, give your profile personality, but always keep brand awareness top of mind while building up any social media platform to stay consistent.


Boost Your Business with LinedIn by MobloggyAnother way to boost your business and rev up your LinkedIn profile and get more interaction are Showcase Pages. This is an easy process and LinkedIn will walk you through it. Showcase Pages are designed for highlighting a specific business unit, initiative or brand. They are extensions of your Company Page.


Publish: Improve your LinkedIn marketing and boost your business by publishing on LinkedIn. Write articles, give advice and demonstrate your knowledge in your filled using LinkedIn’s publishing feature. Additionally, allow comments or a contact option at the end of your articles to increase engagement.

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