email marketing 1When was the last time you signed up for an online newsletter from a company? If you’re anything like most people, you end up signing up for one at least once a month. The possibilities of coupons, discounts, and helpful tips and tricks being sent straight to the inbox is too enticing for many. When there is value added to a newsletter, people just can’t resist! These businesses grab your attention with the value add, and then keep you coming back for more with the content of their emails. That is exactly what an email autoresponder series is. An email autoresponder series is a series of emails that have already been planned and written, sent to a contact list comprised of subscribers. Email autoresponder series even do the sending for you! Email autoresponder series can be a great benefit to your business. They can be used to gain new clients, promote products, and even engage your audience.

The first step with an email autoresponder series is gaining a contact list. Customers will opt-in by signing up. Once signed up, they will get a welcome message that you will pre-type, along with the value add that you have created. From there the method you choose for the rest of your series is up to you. There are various methods to sending out an email autoresponder series. One method is to send a few emails with mainly content, then send one email with a product promotion. Contacts will be drawn into your product by the content you send beforehand. Another method sticks strictly to promotions. One email after the other is made up of promotions. This method only works with certain situations. Another method uses audience engagement. This method uses content to grab the attention of contacts and gets them involved in the emails. It makes them want to respond to what you send. Often times, this method uses a series of tools as well as the autoresponder email series, such as blogs and social media.

Constant Contact is an email marketing company that can help you start your own email autoresponder series. They have various tools that are easy to use and include templates and plans. You can even use copies of past emails to create your email autoresponder series. We use Constant Contact for our clients’ email autoresponders. They are easy to use and quick to set up- a great no hassle tool for an email autoresponder series. In fact, we use Constant Contact so often that Mobloggy has become Master Certified by Constant Contact.

Consider beginning your own email autoresponder series. They are very easy to begin and require no long term maintenance. Set it up once and you’re all done! An email autoresponder series is worth creating.