Some days, this whole marketing thing is hard.

No, we’re serious. You have a lot on your plate. Besides the day to day aspects of running your business, you have the not-so-small issue of marketing. After all, if people don’t know that you sell whatever widget it is that you’re selling, how can they find you and buy it from you? Marketing is as essential to your business as bookkeeping or customer service. In short, you can’t function without it.

But where do you focus your time and energy? There’s social, and the myriad of choices there. Of course, you have to have a website, which then makes you question whether or not you should have a blog. Is that trade show really worth attending? If you sponsor the neighborhood 4-H club, will it really be seen as a good deed, or will you be perceived as a desperate business person trying to get some name recognition?

Hold on just a minute.

Really. Take a breath, and let it out slowly. We’ll wait.

No one marketing strategy is right for every business. Just because Twitter worked for your best friend from college, doesn’t mean it’s the best use of your time. Even though your brother’s daughter’s best friend’s uncle swears everyone he knows is on Pinterest, doesn’t mean that your business should be.

But figuring all of that out is what makes the whole marketing thing hard.

As a marketing company, we understand your limitations. That’s why we’re bringing you this opportunity to learn how to grow your business with email and social media. We’re going to sift through the noise of all of the marketing tactics out there, and bring you just a few to focus on.

constant contact training vail coloradoDuring this training, you’ll learn how to set goals and objectives, how to build a marketing campaign, and we’ll even share some tips for helping you to get a higher open rate on those emails. More opens generally means more conversions, and we want to show you how to use these techniques to build your business, instead of spinning your wheels.

We want to show you how to make marketing easier, more cost effective and, above all, less frustrating.

The best part is, you’re going to learn this in an hour. No six week, multi-session workshop, or four hour long webinar. We’re going to teach you all about email and social media in an hour. Bring your lunch, we’ll provide the drinks, and the chance to learn something that will benefit your business. You’ll have the chance afterwards to meet some other Colorado business owners, and to ask any questions you may have.

Want to learn more?

We’ve got some more info, and a link to register here (