Why Does It Matter if Your Business is Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Search

60% of internet traffic is now done on a mobile device.

  • Worldwide, more people have access to smartphones than to toothbrushes. (Source: Google, Mobile Marketing Association Asia)
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour. (source: Mobile Marketer)
  • 50% of customers who do a local search via their mobile device visit a store within 24 hours of their search. (Source: searchenginewatch.com)

In short, if your business isn’t taking care of your mobile customers, they will likely go elsewhere.


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Which Device Consumers Use to Search Truly Does Matter

Unlike searches made from a desktop/laptop, smart phone users want to know what services are in same local area that they are.  The searcher has a need & would like to fill that need quickly.

Mobile searchers do not want to specify their location when they search.  They expect their phone’s location to automatically refine their search to their local area.

Search Type Computer/Tablet Search Mobile Phone Search
Purpose General Information Local Intent
Information Sought Background research Fulfill a need that is location-specific & time-sensitive
Expected Results
  • Many items to compare
  • Detailed business information
  • Local results
  • Concise business information
  • Map & photo of building
  • Callable phone number
Conversion Rate 34% visit a store within 1 day of search 50% visit a store within 1 day of search

How to be Mobile Friendly:

  • Make sure your Google+, Yelp, and industry specific listings contain a map.
  • Include a photo of the outside of your building for easy identification.
  • Ensure that your website has a mobile-friendly version.
  • Use tags in your online and social marketing that include your local area.

How Mobloggy Can Help

  • SEO: Managing your local search engine optimization (SEO) through blogs, social media, web consistency, and local listing sites.
  • Branding: Ensuring a consistent message across your mobile marketing.
  • Local Experts: Tailoring all your marketing to include local keywords, meta data, and to link to local events.

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