Google Answers To Questions


Search engine optimization Asks: Actually my inquiry is identified with interface trade. Up how much is it allowable to trade the connections or not considered as spam. Suppose I have been exceeding to their sites from my rivals, have taken the site joins. So fundamentally as a human inclination we need something in thought. So at whatever point I exceed them so they likewise ask interface in return. So what’s the prescribed procedures with regards to backlinks, trading the backlinks.

Google Answers: So a connection trade where the two sides are similar to, you connect to me and accordingly I will interface back to you, sort of thing, that is basically against our website admin rules. So that is something where our calculations would take a gander at that and attempt to get what’s going on here and attempt to overlook those connections. Furthermore, if the web spam group were to take a gander at it they would likewise say well this isn’t OK. What’s more, in case this is most of the connections to your site like this then they may apply manual activity. So that is something I would stay away from.

Website design enhancement Asks: Even it is topically significant however?

Google Answers: It doesn’t make any difference. It doesn’t make any difference in case it resembles topically pertinent or on the other hand in case it’s similar to a valuable connection. Assuming you’re doing this efficiently, we feel that is an impractical notion in light of the fact that according to according to our perspective those are not regular connects to your site they’re just there on the grounds that as you’re doing this arrangement with the opposite side.

Search engine optimization Asks: What this goes under regular normal backlinks like, we need to make the quality substance normally individuals will give us interface that is just normal or something in light of the fact that.

Google Answers: That’s basically the thought behind sort of normal connecting. According to our perspective it’s fine to contact individuals and disclose to them it resembles by the manner in which I have this incredible substance and perhaps it’s something that you would appreciate for your site too that is that is for the most part fine. Yet, anything past that where you’re saying like well you should connection to me like this or you should pay me cash or I will pay you cash for this connection or I will trade something for this connection. That is all something that according to according to our perspective would make this an unnatural connection. So giving it to individuals and afterward and advancing it and saying like here’s extraordinary substance and they connect to you that is completely fine. Giving it and saying like I will do a trade on the off chance that you give me a connection that is something that we would consider unnatural.


  • That is to say, on the off chance that you look the Google rules it says “unreasonable connection trades”
  • Link to me and I’ll connect to you
  • Accomplice pages only for cross-connecting is contrary to the rules
  • It helps me to remember at whatever point I see a SEO quarrel over a rule that might be being used by that SEO.
  • They search for approaches to say that the manner in which they do it is OK a result of either.
  • Be that as it may, in all actuality, they are conceivable wrong.
  • SEOs are people and people now and then make up speculations that fit their plans.


Does it work for positioning purposes? All things considered, that is an alternate inquiry. In any case, is it contrary to Google’s rules, that isn’t something individuals can address here.