Hands On SEO Learning

Last week there was a poll on Twitter. I saw a survey about where SEOs go for help when they have an SEO issue. This week I see a survey from Carolyn Lyden on how most SEOs learned SEO. It seems like by far most of the SEOs learned are SEO active, by taking care of business and simply accomplishing the work by hands on learning.

In this Twitter survey which was utilized for information for the SEL mentorship program – the outcomes showed 77.4% of SEOs learned SEO “active”, then, at that point 10.7% through DIY courses, 9.8% said they had a guide show them and just 2.2% said they took seminars on SEOs. I’m certain there are more approaches to learn SEO yet it is really intriguing to perceive the number of individuals learned SEO by doing it without anyone’s help.