32_thumbPerhaps you already have a significant other or maybe you want to appear like the ideal mate.

Here are some fun ways to look romantic on social media – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

No really, you could get a date…maybe.

Disclaimer: we in no way guarantee this will end positively wonderful. Proceed with caution!


  • Profile Pic – Nothing shows you love your significant other more than having your profile pic include the two of you making googly eyes at each other.  Take it an extra step and include your wedding photo.  Not attached yet, but want to attract someone?  Puppies and kittens anywhere in the image and you laughing.  It works, you’ll see.
  • Cover Photo – Nothing says I LOVE YOU more than spelling it out on the largest piece of real estate on Facebook – your cover image.  How about including a cute arrow to your profile pic? or declaring you have romance on the brain but no one to try it out on.
  • Relationship Status – You KNOW this matters.
  • Poking – Enough said.
  • Post Messages and Photos – Let your friends and family in on the fun at home.  Post sweet nothings to your mate, in public, so they can all wonder why their partner doesn’t do the same. Single? Thumbs up these sweet nothings and comment that you can’t wait to find someone to share your life with.
  • Buy Gifts – Facebook does make it easy to send flowers and gifts.  Surprise your crush with a digital Starbucks gift certificate with a little note that you’d like to meet them for coffee to discuss the latest outcome of the quiz that says you are a born leader.

twitterin Twitter

  • Favorite – Everyone likes to think that every tweet they compose is read.  You could be their stalker by turning notifications on for that person.  Every time they tweet, you’ll receive a notification and you can favorite every single thought they have.  Now that’s dedication!
  • Hashtag – Create your very own hashtag to demonstrate your commitment to love. #LoveMyMate #Love2Love #Looking4Love Be sure to @mention them in your tweets so everyone knows the focus of your affection.


  • Create a Job – Keep in mind this could affect your reputation on this professional platform, it would be an extreme gesture of romance to post a job ad with the headline “Love Wanted.”  You never know what kind of responses you might get.  It’s not free to post jobs on LinkedIn, but it might be fruitful.
  • Create a Group – Anyone can create a group on LinkedIn.  Perhaps this is the way to gather other single professionals in your area.
  • Add a Slideshare – You too can be the powerpoint expert of love.  Add some pictures and bio to a Slideshare and attach it to your LinkedIn profile.  No sense in limiting your audience if you’re searching for your soulmate.  Already attached?  Declare your love on slides and share the link across all of your platforms.
  • Post and @mention – You can @mention people and companies on LinkedIn, send private messages, and even pay to promote them through a company page.  Take the extra step and feed your love to Twitter from LinkedIn.


  • Create a Board – Not only will all of the people following you get a notification that you started this new board, but you can send a pin to your love interest. Your mate may appreciate the: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Board you created, along with the picture of them sleeping. Just chant to yourself: Don’t be creepy, don’t be creepy.


  • Filters – #NotetoSelfie…we all look better with filters.  Hashtag it #nofilter so they think that’s really your normal, washed-out look.  Add a cute sign in the image declaring your love and #hashtag appropriately. #love #selfie #whoababy


  • Create a Series – Sometimes a 6 second video can’t sum up how you’re feeling.  Take it the extra step by creating a series.  Yes, like your very own super, short soap opera.  Hashtags and categorizing will help your video get found.  Share it to Twitter too, it will play in the feed.


  • +1 Posts – Plus all of their posts.  Feeling extra brave, comment too.  Everyone likes to be noticed.
  • +Mention – Target all your love posts to them.  They will get the hint, and most likely an email notification.
  • Create a .gif – Post it to them only.  Your beating heart, your kissy lips perhaps? Most of the people on Google+ get easily annoyed by the .gif and you don’t really wanna lose all of your followers do you?
  • Hangout – You can go emoticon crazy :) and the conversation will remain between the two of you.  You can even turn off history if you don’t want those special pictures being saved.  Leave history on and a secret album of your images will be created that only you and the Google developers can see. ;) You can only post pictures and links in chat, no video.  Perhaps a video hangout is in your future if the chat goes well.
  • Join a community – Birds of a feather flock together?

If after all of these attempts to look romantic on social media finds you alone on Valentine’s Day, you can always turn to blogging about your feelings.  Stuff it with keywords and share the links across all of your platforms.  With love, Mobloggy.


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