Pinterest for Your Business - MobloggyHere at Mobloggy, we’ve taken a serious interest in Pinterest! It’s not just because we all fit the largest majority of Pinterest users (females between the ages of 25 and 44) but because we see the vast possibilities for using Pinterest as a marketing and SEO tool!

It is the fourth most popular social network in the United States right now behind Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It’s no surprise that brands have flocked to set up shop, particularly given that Pinterest may be a far more profitable platform for brands than social networking like Facebook and Twitter.

It is a visual site, which works perfect for businesses that utilize a lot of pictures and graphics. With each picture or graphic you post, Pinterest users have access to your business and content with just one click of the button. Your content can also be spread around without having to work because 80% of all pins, are repins meaning- your Pinterest followers, their followers, their friends follower, etc. can be spreading links to your website around for you! Even if your company isn’t selling a visual product, you can still utilize Pinterest. If your company offers a service, you can create infographics, how-to’s, or tutorials to share your expertise on a subject and drive traffic to your site for users to access more information. You can also pin videos, driving traffic to your YouTube or Vimeo pages.

It used to invite-only but as of this week, those wanting to pin can join Pinterest sans invite using an email address or Twitter or Facebook account. Check out how Mobloggy can help you utilize Pinterest for Your Business.