(fun photos at the bottom, so you have to read the whole thing) :)

As members of the Vail Valley Partnership, we are often invited on fun adventures in the area. Today brought the team to Camp Hale, home to Nova Guides – an outdoor adventure service in the Vail Valley.

This also gave Mobloggy an opportunity to get some team-building in as we shared a colorful Colorado day with a Jeep tour and lunch.

So maybe it wasn’t that E X T R E M E, but we don’t get out from in front of our computer screens too often.

Our guide for the “Jeep Tour” was Eric – who has been working with Nova Guides for the past two years, but has been a long time Vail ski bum. Eric was knowledgeable about the area and even provided us with a Nova Guides Trivia Questionnaire that helped us learn more about the area and even provided some laughs. i.e. At what altitude do deer become elk? (super, secret answer – you’ll have to ask a guide)

According to the Nova Guides website:

NOVA SERVICES: Year-Round Outdoor Adventure! With an array of exciting activities both in the summer and in the winter, we specialize in making your Colorado experience a true taste of what Colorado is all about. Our certified guides are waiting to give you the thrill of a lifetime! Our year round fly fishing program is ready for the summer with a fly fishing school to teach you the latest skills, our private water is full of trout, and our guided wade and float trips are available daily. Checkout our fly fishing report for local information on area waters from our guides.

Mobloggy is definitely planning another team-building trip for later in the Summer. The employees at Nova Guides are friendly, informative, and we felt like we were in safe hands…and the views are amazing. ¡Muy Spectacular!

We were taking photos with our iphones (Getting Mobloggy, with mobile blogging) and Rich even captured a Vine of the experience.

Although we went home a little dusty and dirty (and Rebecca couldn’t get a comb through her hair), it was a great time! And we love blogging about new experiences.

Click on the image for the full view: Jeep and ATVs, Eric our guide, amazing scenery, Aspens, Sharing the Road, Rich making a Vine, and Mobloggers: Jodi, Nicole, Rebecca, Rich







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