Run Nonprofit Marketing Ads

Often, one of the best investments a for profit company can make is its online marketing strategy. Is it the same for nonprofits?

Let’s see how the nonprofit marketing strategy differs from the for profit strategy and how nonprofits can better achieve their goals by continuing to use digital marketing.

Do you benefit from marketing in other areas?

The main difference for nonprofit marketing is goals. In a for-profit business, the goal of advertising is often to sell in the end. A non-profit organization may consider different needs and therefore different goals for the marketing campaign.

We’ll get into that in a moment…

You have more complicated messages. Think about your messages. This is not just a transactional sale, it needs to be both clear and inspiring. This is part of what makes nonprofit marketing difficult.

People are used to running ads for a shoe or a new table. You can mentally filter that or get in and buy the product. With nonprofit marketing, you have a higher order. You’re not just trying to convert a sale. You may be trying to transform a mindset, or at least connect to a mindset that the person has already done. They are trying to address the values ​​and aspirations of the world as a whole.

Your main goal is to involve others. However, it is not impossible. In a way, you might think that this is easier. Why? One thing that people struggle with when trying to sell a product is not doing everything about themselves and the product. It is always a question of “why”.

Why Should a Customer Care About What You Sell?

With a non-profit organization, the mission is built in. Usually your message isn’t even about you. It’s about those you serve. A story to tell in your nonprofit marketing and automatically you are the good guy or the hero others want to rally around.


As we just discussed, there are many differences between typical marketing and nonprofit marketing, the most fundamental difference being goals. With e-commerce or for-profit advertising, the goal is sometimes obvious More complicated. It’s not necessarily about a sale; Rather, advertising goals could include: raising funds to raise fan base awareness and recruiting volunteers to always encourage participation. Of course, every organization has to raise money one way or another just to keep the doors open. That is the nature of things. Anything can seem complex. When asking someone what the purpose of an ad is, the answers could include any number of the points above, possibly more. That’s because nonprofits are all about mission.

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