Seeing Red?
Understanding Weekly Facebook Page Updates
Facebook sends out Weekly Page Updates to give you a sneak peek of how your stats are looking, like the example below.  We wanted to give you a few tips on what it means.

1.  These percentages are based on a comparison of the previous week, NOT for the lifetime of the account.
2.  Facebooks’ use of the color red is meant to entice you to spend money on advertising to raise your percentages.
3.  Red does not mean “bad.”  It just means you did not reach as many people as the week before.  In the case above, this page still reached over 36,000 people in their “Weekly Total Reach” (meaning they saw your content).  That’s pretty great!  Many things can affect a change on how many people are on Facebook to see your posts:  holidays, vacations, big TV week.  It’s also based on if your page had Promoted Posts, Sponsored Like Ads, Contests, and Viral Content.
4.  The people “Talking About This” have either liked, commented, posted on your wall, shared your content, responded to an event, tagged your page in their photo, mentioned your page in their post, checked in at your location, or gave you a recommendation. It’s a wonderful thing anytime this happens!
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