geekmore-fullWe have our own requirements when it comes to building websites for our customers. It’s important for us to be able to pass on the reigns to the owner upon completion so they can make their own updates and/or easily grow into more functionality with or without us (ideally WITH US). You never know when lightening may strike or a meteor break ground that could cause an untimely death at Mobloggy headquarters (eek!)! Of course, we’re hoping it’s more likely we win the lottery and call “Early Retirement!” In any case, we ask our WordPress Programmers to follow one simple rule:  Don’t be a code bully.

First of all, it appears we made this phrase up.  Google didn’t give us a thing.  So… Code Bully ™. :)

What is a code bully?  1. a big, meanie (though some may be lovely) who programs something with sloppy code and causes it to be near impossible for anyone but them to make changes. 2. a programmer who tries to cheat the code and ends up breaking five other things on the site. 3. a programmer who spends hours trying to figure it out instead of asking for help, searching Google for possible answers, and/or watching tutorial videos because of pride.

Does the site meet these requirements?

  1. Socially Integrated

  2. Mobile Friendly

  3. Responsive Theme

  4. Highly Searchable (SEO)

  5. Easy Content Management

  6. Built with future in mind (growth, updates, additional functionality)

So we came up with this list to ensure each site we create will work consistently for us and you.  Out of principal, we do charge more for adding:

7. grumpy cats, 8.shamed dogs, or 9.triumphant babies.

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