Social Media Club Vail connects media makers to promote media literacy, industry standards, ethical behavior and to share the lessons they have learned. Media makers include: Marketing Consultants, Community Managers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Educators/Students, Agencies/PRs, Journalists/Media, and Marketing Managers-basically anyone tasked with social media and internet marketing.

The July event was sponsored by Mobloggy and focused on organizing your digital images on your mobile device.  For the first time, we had our event at dish restaurant in Edwards, Colorado.  They had a happy hour menu with amazing food and drink.  Mobloggy picked up the tab for the small group.

We were equally impressed with the table set-up.  Free and tasty popcorn at the tables along with a choice of sparkling or flat water.  The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating (no issues with taking a picture with the founding member and the banner).

We found ourselves already planning our next visit.  Did we already say the food is amazing?  Their wine selection is lovely.  We paired our plates with a Tempranillo.

Social Media Club location Wins: dish restaurant has a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest account.  They also have free wifi at their location.  Ask them for the cute and appropriate password when you visit.  They also take the extra step of reminding people to Like them on Facebook and ask for an email with a paper review card with the check.

The next Social Media Club Vail meeting will be scheduled in September.  Be sure to LIKE the Facebook page to get the latest news about the club.


shrimp taco grilled shrimp + jicama taco + spicy aioli


pulled pork slider dish BBQ sauce + grilled pineapple


brussels sprouts. asian sweet, sour, salty sauce + togarashi crisped rice and (background)kale caesar salad slivered + chick pea “croutons” + creamy caesar dressing + cinque terre anchovy