social-media-recap-show-mobloggyHosts: Jodi Jahrling and Branko Kral

CAPs by: Angelica Clemmer ( and La Tour Restaurant (

Music Intro from, Recap vocal by Rebecca Ruck, Voice-Over by Jodi Jahrling

Social Media Platform Updates 

You can now apply for “early access” to their Publishing Platform: WhatsApp is another demonstration of how Facebook focuses on mobile (users now spend more FB time on mobile devices than desktops). If Facebook focuses on mobile, you should focus on mobile, too. Supposedly offering Voice Calling capability later this year. Get is HERE. Chrome upgrade allows you to pin any image on any site. By hovering over the image the PinIt button will appear. You can now post from Klout and schedule content
You can now Block/Report users: Paper App – Are you using it? Has the same functionality as your regular Facebook app but in a newspaper format. Get it. Posts with .gif movement can now be viewed on mobile – play button on the lower-left of images. TIP: Make sure you regularly check your Klout social connections. We have noticed LinkedIn connections are lost the most. If you change your passwords, you’ll have to reconnect too.
TIP: Post valuable content to Groups. Most people have their settings set to email them at least a weekly digest of group content. Underused in a lot of smaller groups and could get you in front of people that you wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable sending an email to. Who’s Posting? If you have multiple administrators posting to your page you can now see who did the post. The public cannot see it. TIP: Increase engagement on your boards by turning them into group boards that allow others to post content to your board.
Streamlined Billing Schedule –  now have option of being billed when you reach your billing thresholds or on the last day of each month, whichever comes first, rather than being billed as often as every day.  Read more HERE.
  Beginning Tuesday, when a Page tags a separate brand or celebrity Page in a post, that content will surface for followers of both Pages.    

Weekly Rant: Instagram

  1. Instagram Direct – Who’s using it? really?  SnapChat slam?
  2. Login Toggle please! – Vine does it with Twitter accounts, why can’t they find a solution?
  3. Bad Camera – Take the photo using your device camera first as the quality suffers if you use the app
  4. TIP: InstaRepost will let you repost images you liked, even video! – Get it HERE 

App Reviews

  • Postcard – still some bugs, but you can post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and your website.  The cool thing is the parent/child posting.
  • Pop  – message video with .gif creation layer.
  • Samba – type in phone number, get verification code.  See your friends reaction when you share a video. Get it HERE