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social-media-recap-show-mobloggyHost: Jodi Jahrling  with Special Guest: Jennifer Wilson, Human Resources Director who is playing today for: Healthcare for the Homeless in Maryland


Social Media Platform Updates: 

Facebook: New tools to promote events READ MORE

Privacy Check-up Dinosaur is back READ MORE

Inline Page post ads READ MORE

LinkedIn: login sessions, data archive, security related emails READ MORE

Twitter: Twitpic says goodbye READ MORE

New design READ MORE

New algorithm? READ MORE


App Updates:

None!  But new iphone comes out September 9th! READ MORE


Question of the Week and Tip:

Is Facebook no longer free?

Tips for using the free stuff on Facebook.

1. Complete your profile

2. Click thru call to action on profile photos and cover images

3. Analyze your analytics

4. Share with your friends


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