Take a new approach to Facebook; think of your business and Facebook working together by using these guidelines to generate a strong email marketing list.

    • Use Facebook as your launching pad, your social media foundation for your online marketing.
    • You have a community on Facebook where fans know, like and trust you.
    • Use you content to help build up your authority so that your fans become the quality leads to your brand.
    • Let Facebook carry the energy of your business.

Think of using Facebook marketing for your leads and fans. Use your email marketing for prospects and customers.

Build your email list with quality Facebook subscribers:

      • Your first priority on Facebook is to share quality content on a consistent basis.
      • Deliver content that will compliment your free giveaways and paid programs, products and services.
      • Ask your fans for their opinions! Ex: fonts, podcast topics.
      • When fans get to help shape your content they feel invested!

Use your Facebook cover photo into a Lead Generator:

Lead Generator

      • You can include your contact information, pricing, web addresses, calls to action etc… in your cover photo.
      • There are no limitations!
      • When users click on the photo, be sure there is a description with a hot link back to your company on the right hand side. This becomes your call to action and leads followers to your company.

Use paid strategies to build your email list:

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 4.19.04 PM

      • On Facebook:
        • Use page post ads. These show up in the news feed (instead of a column add on the right of the news feed). They drive traffic directly to a lead opportunity allowing followers to directly like the page, and access the information in the ads.
        • Use email marketing to then promote your programs, products and services.
        • Targeting is key to your ad success!
        • Note that ads in the news feeds have image restrictions.
          • Use graphic images that do not have more than 20% of text.

How to choose stellar giveaway offers:

      • Ask yourself:
        • What is useful to my audience?
        • What keeps them up at night and how can I help with a solution?
        • What are they struggling with?
        • Try different offers and track them closely. The audience may want something different than you think.
        • Make your audience believe they need your product or service so that you can teach them how to get it through your giveaway.
          • You can also use webinars, free training, eBooks, quick tip lists, free consultations and coupons/ discounts.
        • Your lead capture page is crucial!
          • This is a web page that helps you to collect names and emails in exchange for your free giveaway.  You want this page to convert for your. Be sure it is set up strategically.
        • Use the Power Editor to set up your page post adds.
          • Choose a destination for your ad (personal or business Facebook Page)
          • Be sure to check the “News Feed (Desktop and Mobile) button under Placement
          • Use the precise interests to make sure your ads are getting to the correct audience.


If you have any other questions on how to use your Facebook to grow your Email Marketing contact us!