With so many people creating blogs these days, it is important that your business creates blog posts that people love to share. Anyone can write a blog, but you want your blog to shine!

Since we are all publishers, content is key. The inspiration for your blogs can come from anywhere. Be sure to write your blogs for a global audience. When writing blogs, think about connecting with your “tribe”. Write to people who have similar interests as you do. You want to help your customer solve their problems. Get into their shoes to create content people want to read. It is ok if your ideas are not original, the reader will appreciate your view on the topic.

“If you want to write a lot, you need to read a lot.” – Stephen King

Be a perfectionist, proofread. Link your content – this allows people to access what you are writing about quickly and easily. Liquid content creates conversation. Use video blogging for business consumer brands. Remember most people access the Internet from their mobile phones. Be sure when you optimize that you take this into consideration.

As the writer you have a lot of opportunity with your blogs. You can give your expert information about a topic. You will build trust by publishing more than one blog. You will be able to establish global networking.  Blogging gives the introvert a voice and an opportunity to turn content into gold.

Some things to learn about blogging:

1)   Get started

2)   Keep it simple

3)   Structure – A wall of text is bad. Use a good intro and short paragraphs, bullet points and lists. Make your blog is easy to read.

4)   Value – Give away as much value as you can for free. Inform, educate inspire and entertain your audience.

5)   Passion – If you are passionate about what you are writing you will have better content.

6)   Audience – Understand your audience. Step into their shoes. What are their problems?

7)   Headline – More people read the headlines than they do the actual blogs. You want to write a headline that is going to grab peoples attention and make them want to open and read the blog post.

8)   Multi media – Use screen shots, text, video, power points etc.… You want a variety in order to entertain your readers.

9)   Share – Make info easy to share.

10) Promotion – Build email lists and followers.

11) Persistence – Blog 2-3 times a week.


Blogging infographTips for shareable content:

  • Lists – Give content that is easy to read.
  • Negativity – Negative headlines work!
  • Info-graphs
  • Curated Content – Get content from a variety of sources and put all the information together.
  • How to’s
  • News
  • Research
  • Case Studies
  • Evergreen content – Content that is valuable at any time.
  • Images
  • Videos
  • SlideShare
  • Top 10 lists
  • Solving problems
  • Statistics and facts
  • Quotes
  • Podcasts
  • EBooks
  • Transcripts
  • Reviews

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