Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

If you haven’t heard about it by now, I’m telling you that Facebook Timeline is here and it’s here to stay!  On March 30, Facebook will be converting everyone’s homepage over to the new Timeline format whether you want it or not.  Wondering what that’s going to mean for your businesses page?  Or, your personal page?  Well, that’s what todays blog is about!

It seems that with every new change Facebook makes there is always some sort of backlash with people who don’t appreciate it, but eventually, everyone embraces it and no one can even remember what the old layout used to be.  I have a feeling that this will be the case here as well.  I’ve already heard people start to complain about everything from how they hate the cover photo to how it doesn’t look right on their smart phones.  I don’t think many people have really given it a chance yet.  The companies that have already switched over early have had the advantage of figuring out how it works and how they can benefit from it.

Some of my favorites that I’ve seen have been Coca Cola, Old Spice, and Meet the Press.  They’ve gone all the way back to the beginning and created engaging and interesting posts telling their story starting with day they were founded.  Facebook has found a way to combine elements of Blogging, Twitter, and Tumblr all onto one platform. They’re basically changing the way we surf the world wide web.  We can now read stories, share information, and watch videos without leaving one page!

These changes don’t just benefit large corporations with years of history, they can also work for small businesses and startups.  If you’re an entertainer or a non-profit you can share the evolution of your work, and people can see the accolades you’ve received from fans over the years.  It’s just a great platform to share your story with the world!  So, if you’re ready to start sharing you can change your Facebook to the Timeline format before the March 30th deadline!