A Cross Country Internship Experience


Branko (right) dresses up for Franz’s (left) first day of work, complete with his own Google Glass!

It was the end of April. Back in New York I awoke to an email that would change my immediate future. It was from Mobloggy and I had been selected for an interview at their offices in Minturn, Colorado. Excitedly my fingers flowed across the keyboard replying with interest at the offer at hand. Both parties were interested to meet, the date was set, and I was to be in Colorado before the months end.

The morning of my interview I was still in New York City. Dressed in pajamas and a book bag, I boarded my flight leaving LaGuardia at 4:45am and made my way to Minturn. Landing in Denver, I realized time was not a commodity afforded to me. I feverishly disrobed out of my pajamas to adorn a suit; proper interview attire I assumed. Well, after a whirlwind morning I found myself arriving 5 minutes early to the interview. I take a deep breathe, exhale, enter at 105 Williams St, and I’m greeted with smiles, handshakes and laughter.

I expected the handshakes and smiles, as it is part of the ritual that is a job interview. The laughter however took me off guard, at first I was perplexed as to why everyone was laughing. No joke had been told, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, at least to me. I was, at least in this small town, out of the ordinary. My suit was the culprit, stealing the laughter right out of my soon to be co-workers mouths. It was then that I realized what a great fit and opportunity Mobloggy would be for me.

We spoke for roughly an hour. Questions were hurled from one end of the table to the other, quickly being answered by their intended recipients. The interview was progressing quickly and I was getting a sense of the scope of work that would encompass my days here. Once the interview concluded we again shook hands and I left Mobloggy to await further contact. Later in the week, Branko and I were to snowboard, and I took that as a good sign. It proved to be great. After a day of riding with Branko, the following morning I arose to a missed phone call from a Colorado phone number. I called back, after a few brief moments of exchanging pleasantries I had been informed that I was to be Mobloggy’s newest intern.

Internship at Mobloggy

That brings us to where we, well more specifically, where I am. Three months have passed since I accepted the offer and a lot has changed. Zip codes changed, as well as the weather, people, food, and atmosphere. But the biggest change of all has been knowledge gained. While these may not all be related to Social Media and Marketing, these are the top three things I have learned from my internship at Mobloggy.

1. Like any other industry planning is vital to your companies survival. Without it the quality of your product decreases immensely. Mobloggy being immersed in Social Media, requires immense planning and foresight as our industry changes frequently. You have to be able to adjust to the changes, and plan accordingly. If you are unable to adapt or plan for the future, your lifespan in the Social Media Realm will be short lived.

2. Educate yourself. Take the time to teach yourself something you had been struggling with previously. You may have to do this on your personal time, but it’s a worthy investment for you and your company. This will help establish a symbiotic relationship between you both. While your team is a great resource, try to become independent. This isn’t to say you should never ask for help or assistance, rather, become an asset to your team as quickly as you can. Be able to work and act alone to not gum up the inner workings of your company. You’ll get more accomplished in less time, and you won’t be using up your coworkers time either.

3. Take on more work. This is what I’d recommend the most to new interns. If you finish your work for the day, week, or month, don’t sit there twiddling your thumbs. Ask around to see what help you can be to others. This demonstrates that you are a team player and are invested in the work you put forth. If there is no work to be done you can spend this time to better yourself in your field. Find trainings on new subjects to increase your value to the team. Learning new skills, or taking initiative on an in house project yet to be addressed are all great ways to stay busy. Remember, you are here to work, so be sure to use your own time, and the companies time efficiently and wisely.

Relax and Learn

If at some point you get overwhelmed step back and breathe. Interns are here to learn and absorb the information that is being given to them. You aren’t expected to get things right on the first try, in fact you’re probably going to screw up once or twice before getting it right. It’s ok though, that’s the best way to learn. Remember, failure is the first step to success, so don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t go your way.

Mobloggy has been a great learning experience and I cannot wait to see what else lays ahead of me. I’ve learned and gained more experience here in three months I thought was possible, and I am excited to see where this knowledge can take me. Thank you Mobloggy for this amazing opportunity!