If social media is hot, Twitter is lava. This social media network is truly unique and allows for constant engagement with followers. At the heart of it, Twitter is very simple and can be a great tool for small businesses.

As the network swells with new users – about 135,000 per day – it has become an integral part of communication for companies. There are currently more than 555 million users on Twitter that tweet more than 400 million times a day.

If that isn’t enough reason to know that small businesses need Twitter, here are five ways that Twitter can help.

Connect with Customers

Connect with customers new and old. You can search hashtags that pertain to your business or region and get in touch with the people who might become a potential customer. You can also collect information on your current customers, thank them for their business and keep them coming back.

Twitter can be great for small businesses

Twitter can be great for small businesses. Follow us @mobloggy


Easily get the word out about products, specials or events. Once you build a strong base of followers, you can reach a lot of people with very little effort in a short amount of time. Not to mention it’s free.

Get personal

Nobody likes to buy from a blank wall. People like to know that the companies they frequent have a voice of their own. Take some time to tweet non business-related material. Tell a funny joke. Talk about your employees’ plans for the weekend, an odd event in the office or how beautiful it is outside. It doesn’t take long and it lets your customers know that you’re a company run by people.


It’s getting easier to send a tweet than it is to pick up the phone. Monitoring your Twitter account allows you to see what people think about you. It allows people to vent their concerns and gives you the opportunity to respond. It isn’t all negative, Twitter also allows you to collect praise and respond with thanks.


Perhaps the most unique aspect of Twitter is just how fast things move. Each tweet has a shelf life of about 30 seconds. This is not a bad thing. The rapid movement in conversation allows you to find out what is hot at that moment and respond to it. If the weather turns cruddy, you can quickly advertise a special on hot chocolates, for instance.


If you’re not sure how, we can help you set up your Twitter account.