The Social Media ReCAP Show is a weekly look back at changes in social platforms, apps, and marketing. LIVE Every Wednesday at 11am MST.

social-media-recap-show-mobloggyHosts: Jodi Jahrling and Branko Kral

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Social Media Platform Updates: 

Twitter – We’ve talked about the testing of the new profile pages.  Now they are being rolled out to everyone. READ MORE

Vine – Joined the band wagon with direct message videos. READ MORE

YouTube – Recently “won” top honors as the most engaged social referral source. Google+ and Linked were ahead of Facebook too. READ MORE

LinkedIn – Launches New Tools: Measure Your Content Marketing Score and Discover Trending Content. READ MORE

Pinterest – adding support for Google Analytics UTM variables, so you can get a view of your campaigns right on your Google Analytics dashboard. READ MORE

Weekly Rant: 

Klout has major imperfections in score calculation. Consider that when using Klout for influencer marketing.

Side note: Klout just released a redesigned app. GET IT HERE

App Review:
No spectacular new app reviewed, however, the Instagram, Vine, Twitter and Pinterest apps had updates. Besides Vine DM videos, Facebook Pages app had the largest update: pin and unpin posts to the top of the Page Timeline, create and edit events on ipad, import phone contacts and invite them to like your page (U.S. only), and turn photos on Page Timeline and photo albums into profile pictures.
Side note:  still using last weeks app UpTo.

Trending Topics:

#heartbleed – a major bug in internet security discovered. So big that NY Times International and Washington Post reported.


Notable Days: Samsung launches Galaxy S5 on Friday, Eight Track Tape Day on Friday, David Letterman’s Birthday on Saturday, National Pecan Day on Monday, and Total Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday.


Evolve as a Social Media Marketer:

  1. Acquire relevant skills – learn trends because some will stick, leverage old skills
  2. Gather customer base expertise – through social listening and engaging
  3. Write – and then write some more
  4. Understand the entire sales process
  5. Build your own personal brand