July 1, 2010 marked the first day of this company we call Mobloggy.  Though it’s only been a month, we have made leaps into what we call our social media management life.

The fear is what tries to take precedence in our minds.    Is the investment we are making going to be worth it in the end?

This question presents itself often but then we are reminded that we will never get these feelings back.  We will never have these “firsts” again.

The startup brings a lot of stress (late nights, lost time, do-overs), but it also brings fun and excitement (laughing, crying, yelling, screaming, squealing).

Who knew ordering our business cards would be such a thrill?  Or that the three hour trip to get our ipads would feel so gratifying.

We won’t dwell on the fact that our cards arrived cut a little crooked, that our stickers were paper thin, our first exhibit was rushed and our website didn’t go live until after our launch.  (Since then, we have ordered better stickers and our website has gone live.)

We will never get the same feeling back when we reached 100 fans on our Facebook page or that @unmarketing laughed at our joke on Twitter.  We will never have our “first” radio interview again or our “first” client.  We will never be so free again to dream about the “what-ifs.”

So we will cherish every step in this journey because each new moment is our only “first.”